La Magno >>>

Miriam Magnolfi, Bachelor of Science of Communication, she is a Non Verbal Communication and a Behavior Analysis.Specialist.

Since years she studies the Human's Behavior with a scientific approch by enriching her Umanistic Education with skills wich extend from the Biology of Behavior, known as Ethology, to the Interpersonal and Relational Communication, to the Sociology of Communication, to the Psychology of Behavior and its deviances which have lead her studies on the way to the Criminology and Profiling.

Actually bewitched from all the varieties and dissimilarities which make unique and fascinating different Languages, as well as Cultures and Religions.

Lover of Art in all its possible and known shapes. 

She teaches "Body Language and Communication Techniques" in Florence and collaborates as a Consultant with Private and Public Companies.

She strongly believes that it takes to arise and to develop a deep awareness between people which respects every Individuality by means of Education and Learning/Training in general.

She's also between those who think that a radical change it is necessary in the current System of Education.

Passionately curious she trust any change as a step toward Evolution.

To the side that travelling and meditation should be part of prime importance in everyone's life, she believes in Love and in its Education.