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This is a page about Human's Behavior.

What is a Human's Behavior page about?

About Human Beings' actions and reactions.

This page refers to all those realities which belong to Humans and which make them similar one another.

It refers to all those activities, actions, techniques we use to express ourselves as well as manifest our thoughts and convey messages while getting in connection with others.

This page is therefore about Ethology, Neurology and Evolution as well as Psychology, Sociology and Antropology.

History and Wellness. Cultures.

About Languages, Idioms and Codes. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication.

And Art, in all its known shapes, as a high and precious way Humans have to act and to express themselves and their own thoughts.

What is the aim of this page?

The aim of this page, if there is one, is to share scientific and truthful knowledge about aspects of our daily life which belongs to our nature.

It's all about gather the uncountable studies of Authors, Scientists and Artists who contributed to develop the knowledge about Human's Behavior from their own different points of view.

It's all about to make this knowledge current and within the reach of everyone.

Strongly believing that to know who we are, where do we come from and what we are made of can actually help us to grow a deep awareness of ourselves.

For all these things, in addiction to an improved and renovated curiosity to find out the reason why things happen and work in a certain way, may really better our life and our relationships.